17 Best Signet Rings for Men 2024: Jump-Start Your Jewelry

In 2024, signet rings for men might not represent the freakiest way to liven up your digits, but the genre feels more essential than ever. See, for all the leaps and bounds the men’s jewelry movement has taken over the last couple years—Harry Styles in pearls! Lil Nas X in dangly earrings! All the immoderately encrusted rappers populating our YouTube channel!—the very best way to begin encrusting yourself, as it were, remains the same: with a signet ring.

For eons, as far back as Mesopotamia right through to the smoky back rooms of midcentury Little Italy, signet rings were worn as a marker of great status and wealth. These days, you don’t need to be a baron or a lord or a mafia consigliere to slide on a cool-as-hell ring. They’re more available than ever, sculpted minimalist clean or over-the-top baroque or somewhere in between, all with the exact same effect: making you seem just a little bit more mysterious and confident, more tasteful, more worth crossing the room to talk to at a party.

Whether you’re adding to a growing collection of well-cut gems or just getting started in the jewelry game, here are the 17 best signet rings for men to stack on both hands.

The Best Signet Rings Hit List

Kinn Studio

Round Signet Ring Diamond

The type of ring you’ll take your precious time passing along to your grandchildren.

Ellier Mercer

Sterling Silver and Resin Ring

Spotted: a chunky signet ring that toes the line between fine and funky with panache.

Bleue Burhnam

Rose Garden Sapphire & Sterling-Silver Signet Ring

Like the Garden of Eden but much shinier.


Apologies to Tommy but we’re not giving this one back.

Bernard James

01 Sapphire 18K Signet Ring

Ironically, an icy sapphire ring is exactly what you need to cure the winter blues.

Alec Doherty

This cheeky ring pretty much sums up how all of us have been feeling for the last few years.


Want to make your jewels feel extra special? Customize with a secret note.

Serge DeNimes

Emerald has long been linked to love and eternal life—so don’t be surprised if you catch a few jealous stares.

Monica Vinader

Let this svelte 18k gold-plated ring be your guiding star…to great fits.


A solid ring for a solid price.

David Yurman

Maritime Compass Signet Ring

This swervy silver piece won’t steer you (or your jewelry stack) wrong.


Black and gold is a can’t-lose combination.

Good Art

Motorcycle and leather jacket sold separately.

Tom Wood

Sometimes the coolest gemstone is no gemstone at all.

Tiffany & Co.

Who says gold and silver don’t match?


Shine like the sun.

Your Signet Rings FAQs, Answered

What do signet rings signify?

Signet rings were originally used to signify an allegiance to a family, fraternity, or higher socioeconomic class and, as a result, were pretty exclusive. Today, they’re free game for anyone in the market for small adornments, whether you’re well-connected or not. Which is great news for the guy who wants to feel like a king but lacks the, uh, required bloodline.

Where’s the best place to wear a signet ring?

Traditionally, signet rings are worn on the pinky finger but you can wear them anywhere. We personally like a pinky, index or ring finger, but would probably skip the thumb.

What’s the best material for signet rings?

With so many variations on the market, it can be hard to know which material is best. Our advice?Stick to precious metals like solid gold and silver, and steel. They hold up nicely with daily wear and tear and won’t tarnish as easily. If a solid, gold ring is out of the budget, gold vermeil (gold-plated jewelry that uses sterling silver as the base) is also a great alternative.

As for keeping your bling blinging, skip the harsh stuff as they can break down the metal surface, leading to tarnish. Instead mix a few drops of mild dish soap with water in a bowl, then soak your piece for a few minutes. To dry, wipe down with a soft cloth and let things air out before popping back on.

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