23 Best Subscription Boxes for Men in 2024: Clothing, Grooming, and Food/Drinks

Grill Masters helps you level up your BBQ game by ditching the grocery store rubs, sauces, and dips for under-the-radar mixes, from Peri Peri hot sauce for South African-style wings to a crispy jalapeño spread for dialing up the heat. Professional pit masters are behind the curated themed monthly boxes, which can also include grilling accessories. You can even buy grilling accessories separately or opt for a mystery grilling box of curated BBQ goods.

The Best Accessories Subscriptions

What to expect: Watch from independent producers to the rare and occasional Swiss timepiece

Whether you’re a newbie looking to up your wristwear game or you’re already a devout reader of GQ’s legendary Box + Papers watch-freak newsletter, you’ll want to checkout Watch Gang. A subscription means that a new watch will show up at your door every month, with prices starting at $75 per watch. There are currently three tiers offered (original, black, and platinum), each of which offers watches valued at way more than the subscription price. We’re talking deeply respected brands like Nomos Glashütte and Zodiac. Plus, those with active memberships are automatically entered in to giveaways to potentially win grails from Rolex, TAG Heuer, or Seiko.

What to expect: Menswear accessories to keep your style fresh

If you’re the type of dude who has no trouble at all getting dressed but tends to falter when it comes to the finishing touches, this is the monthly box for you. Each month, Sprezzabox will deliver a selection of men’s accessories—think pocket squares, a pair of socks, a tie, various grooming accoutrements. After signing up for a new monthly subscription, you’ll have the option to choose which type of box you’re into—a process that repeats itself at the end of every four weeks. If you don’t have time to choose, or don’t care enough to, the brand will pick a new, duplicate-free box for you.

The Best Grooming and Personal Care Subscriptions

What to expect: Travel-sized fragrances from high-end brands

If you’re a commitment-phobe about fragrances, shopping around for a new signature scent, or looking to build a TSA-approved collection, then Scentbird’s dabble-friendly subscription is an easy solution. Scents arrive in small vials, and you can secure a month’s supply for just $17, allowing you to sample before you settle on a favorite. Each sample supposedly lasts about 120 sprays (fair warning to could heavy spritzers). The service carries GQ-approved eau de parfums from brands like Acqua di Parma, Versace, Burberry, and more, at a wide range of pricing options.

What to expect: Skincare and shaving necessities to keep your mug in check

They’ve kept the name, but Dollar Shave Club is more than just a shaving company now; you can upgrade your monthly shipments with shower and oral care products, as well. A starter kit of everything—razor, four blades, and shave butter—costs only $19, letting you test-drive the whole line before committing. Set the cadence for how often you’ll want a re-up, and consider your bathroom sink situation set.

What to expect: Affordable skincare and shaving essentials

Harry’s is one of the biggest names in shaving, and its shave kits offer a ton of value for the price. Take its starter kit, which includes a razor, five-blade cartridge, travel blade cover, and shave gel (with shaving cream as a replacement option) for just 13 buckaroos. Once the trial period lapses, you can even choose your cadence and what you want re-upped—from the blades to the shaving gel—or double the amounts for a family. Harry’s system is an easy way to check one item off your to-do list, and never have to worry about going out of your way to re-up.

What to Think About When Shopping For Subscription Boxes

When selecting a subscription, either for yourself or others, we recommend considering the overall value of the box itself. Ideally, the box should let you sample luxury items for less than you would pay when purchasing them individually. Cheap boxes with a random assortment of goods does not a winning gift make. And while all subscription boxes promise to curate the items you receive, only the best tailor these selects to your specific tastes. You should also pay close attention to the delivery options. Not just how often the boxes arrive—monthly, quarterly, annually—but also whether the subscription can be paused without any penalties or hassle. Plus, if shipping is covered or if you need to pay a premium for that direct-to-door convenience.

How We Chose These Subscription Boxes

You can easily find 100-plus subscription boxes for men online, so how did we arrive at this particular selection? We wanted to make sure our picks were as carefully curated as the boxes themselves, so we looked for subscriptions that met a few different criteria. First, we turned to brands we know and trust. Many of these boxes come from services or retailers that our staffers have used personally, including Stitchfix, Flamingo Estate, Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club, Flaviar, and Bokksu. We also wanted to choose the top offerings in a variety of niche topics, and all of our top gifting categories are represented here—fashion, grooming, food and alcohol, and accessories. Finally, because many of our readers purchase these boxes as gifts, we looked for brands that make it easy to order these boxes for friends, family, and beyond.

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