After You Win an Oscar, This Is the Room You Hang Out In

Off limits to press, equipped with its own bar, and so swanky that you have to wear booties when touring it—true story—the Rolex-themed Academy Awards Greenroom is by far the greenest green room of them all.

Inspired by “the vegetal world,” it takes the Swiss watchmaker’s classic color scheme and extends it to all manner of furnishings, from verdant poufs and pillows that you’d kill to have in your man cave to velvet wall coverings whose scalloped shape is reminiscent of the bezel on a precious-metal Day-Date. Built each year within the Dolby Theater where the Oscars are held, access—much to the chagrin of Hollywood press—is for presenters, nominees, and winners only. (One can only imagine what kind of conversations go on in here over cocktails ahead of an important award. We mortals shall never know…)

Courtesy of Rolex

Decorated with several Rolex wall and table clocks that would sell for big money on eBay if an enterprising Best Actor were to escape with one under his tuxedo jacket—not that we’re encouraging it, as the room is equipped with eagle-eyed security—the swanky space also boasts a vitrine with a single Day-Date model, a symbol of the brand’s exclusivity and excellence. (Until such time as a Rolex “Thespian” debuts, the “President” will have to do.) Everything used in constructing the space—glass, fibers, etc.—is sustainably sourced, according to Rolex, and the feel is like that of a high-end lounge that requires a black credit card (and a gold statuette) to enter.

Rolex, of course, is no stranger to cinema, with longtime ambassadors like Martin Scorsese and James Cameron, as well as partnerships with the Academy and Scorsese’s Film Foundation. Further, the Swiss watchmaker runs its own Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative Project, which pairs young, aspiring creators with established talents in order to provide them direction and guidance. Established in 2002, the program has paired over 60 mentors and mentees together since its inception. That’s all to say nothing of the many, many iconic movies Rolexes have prominently popped up in over the years, from Paul Newman’s Daytona in Winning to Nic Cage’s Submariner in National Treasure.

Swanky, exclusive, and very green, the Oscars Greenroom sends a welcome signal to all who enter its doors on the night of the Academy Awards: You’ve made it.

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