Beyoncé Reveals New Fragrance’s Name

On Oct. 24, Beyoncé announced her latest fragrance will be called Cé Noir, sharing an animated image of its futuristic silver bottle on Instagram. The scent’s base notes are Namibian myrrh and golden amber; heart notes are rose absolute and jasmine sambac, while top notes are clementine and golden honey, according to the product listing.

Available for pre-order in the US and Canada exclusively on Beyoncé’s website since July, the 50 mL fragrance retails for $160 and will begin shipping in November. Among the first members of the public to test the fragrance were attendees of her Renaissance Tour, who are pictured on her website receiving samples at concerts across the US.

In May, Beyoncé also announced on Instagram that she is launching a hair care label, though the name and details of her new venture have yet to be announced.

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Facing an oversaturated beauty market, A-listers are returning to scents to profit off their image. Only now, you might find some of them stocked next to Byredo rather than at Walmart.

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