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When it comes to Halloween, we typically go “all-out” in the costume AND the party department. Lately, though, we’re trying to balance family tradition while not overwhelming ourselves with more to-dos. Easier said than done, right? I thought it would be fun to revisit our costumes from years past, along with how you can get the look, starting with this year’s Harry Potter costume.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 2023

This Fall, we’ve been making our way through all of the Harry Potter movies (and books) with our girls. We’ve even planned a trip to visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. So it’s easy to say that our girls were very enthusiastic about the idea of dressing as our favorite wizards this year!

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45 ROUND UPS 1 4
  1. Harry Potter Socks (Pack of 4) $17
  2. Marauder’s Map $8
  3. Faux Owl $15
  4. Hogwarts Robe $21

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Candyland 2022

Last year, after asking the girls what they wanted to be, we got everything from bricks (Polly) to Hunger Games (Greta—who had just finished reading all the books!) to Minecraft people (Faye). We kept brainstorming and came up with something everyone was really excited about individually — the original Candyland characters.

061A9966 2 scaled 1

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45 ROUND UPS 1 copy 4
  1. Striped Leggings $15
  2. Fur Shawl $29
  3. Lollipop Charms $13
  4. Green Furry Suit $65

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E. T. 2021

In 2021, our family decided to dress as ET, mostly because Polly looks so much like Gertie, Greta had just got a new bike, and we had almost everything for the costumes. Faye as ET had us laughing so hard.

IMG 0204 2 scaled 1

See E. T.

45 ROUND UPS 2 3
  1. Red Hoodie $12
  2. Hazmat Suit $13
  3. Faux Sunflowers $15
  4. Blue Bike with Basket $179

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A Classic Monster Mash 2019

We generally let the girls take the lead on what we’re going to be. For instance, in 2019, Greta really wanted to be a vampire so we all joined in!

ACS 0847 scaled

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45 ROUND UPS 1 copy 2 1

1. Werewolf Gloves $16
2. Striped Skirt $26
3. White Fangs $7
4. Green Face Paint $8

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The Wizard of Oz 2019

This was the year we introduced the girls to the Wizard of Oz, and they were hooked, so we went with it.

ACS 0358

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45 ROUND UPS 1 copy 3 2

1. Lion Costume $39
2. Red Dorothy Slippers $24
3. Fairy Wand $6
4. Plaid Scarf $13

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Dolls 2017

For years, we would dress up for the sole purpose of snapping a photo to use as an invitation to our Halloween party. This was one of those years.

1000IMG 9906 1

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45 ROUND UPS 2 copy

1. Corset Dress $30
2. Bow Hair Clips $9
3. Jumbo Eye Pencil $5
4. Red Suspenders $11

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The Beatles 2016

Dressing as the Beatles was such an easy thrift store throw-together.

IMG 2543 1050x700 1

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45 ROUND UPS 2 copy 2

1. Black Silk Ties $16
2. Beatles Wig $14
3. Round Glasses $17
4. Black Suit Jacket $54

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Sandlot 2015

This costume was born completely around a (non-stretch! no stretch at all!) vintage bathing suit my mom had stashed in the dress-up. Charly is wearing my shirt, and Smalls is killing me–Faye Faye, you nailed it.

IMG 8172

See Sandlot

45 ROUND UPS 2 copy 3

1. Striped Baseball Jersey $18
2. Red Swimsuit $21
3. Baseball Mitt $18
4. White Sunglasses $14

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What are you being for Halloween this year!? Do you do a family or group costume? It’s one of our favorite family traditions.

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