HaBO: Did a Sequel Ever Come Out?

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This HaBO is from Gina, who wants to find this romance:

I am submitting a HaBO about a book I can’t stop thinking about, but I have very little to go on. It was during my witch phase probably between 2010-2013. And unfortunately I can’t remember anything else, I just remember being really into it and wanting to read the sequel! I believe the main character has some kind of witchy powers. I know that she and the male lead character are searching for something that they don’t want to get into the hands of bad actors. I think it was set in Wales and I remember one scene was at some kind of outdoor fair and things go down at said event. It was set up as a cliffhanger but I don’t remember the sequel ever coming out. I think the cover might have been dark blue or black and had some kind of emblem on it. That’s all I’ve got. If this sparks something for you, let me know!

Could this be one of the witchy Nora Roberts titles?

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