Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, says that head injuries are an ‘inherent risk’ of playing in the NFL

Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, stated Wednesday that head injuries are an “inherent risk” of playing in the NFL.

The 25-year-old appeared on Wednesday’s “The Colin Cowherd Podcast” and stated that he’s had at least one head injury in his career. However, he hasn’t suffered any long-lasting effects.

Burrow acknowledged that he was unable to remember the second half of the whole game after being hit on the head.

Burrow said that while you can make football as safe as possible, there is still a risk of injury and danger. He was also asked about the anxiety caused by forgetting certain parts or whole games.

“You have 300-pound men running 20 mph trying to take your head off while trying to keep it in check and finding open receivers. That’s part of the game I think. This is part of what we signed up for.

“You will sustain head injuries, your ACL will be torn, your arm will be broken. This is the

game we play and the life we lead, and we get rich for it. We know what we’re getting into when we go into each game.

‘Fencing response’

Burrow’s comments are less than a week after Tua Tagovailoa, the Miami Dolphins quarterback, was taken off the field by the Bengals because of a head injury.

Video of Tagovailoa showing his forearms flexed and his fingers constrained was a sign that Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta (a neurosurgeon) said was a “fencing reaction” and could be connected to a brain injury.

Later, Tagovailoa was diagnosed with a concussion. Tagovailoa had suffered a head injury four days prior when his helmet struck the ground. He stumbled before being taken to the locker area for a concussion test.

Initially, the Dolphins announced that Tagovailoa would not be able to return to the game due to a head injury. But he returned to the field in quarter three and completed the game by throwing for 186 yards with a touchdown.

Tagovailoa said that Tagovailoa fell on his back just before his head touched the turf, causing his back and subsequent stumble. He said that he had been evaluated for a concussion, but was eventually cleared.

This incident led to the NFL and NFL Players Association (NFLPA), an investigation into Tagovailoa’s injuries, as well as a review of concussion protocols.

According to a source who has been privy to discussions between the parties, concussion protocols could be updated as soon as Thursday, according to one source.

The source stated that “the urgency is to get it done before tomorrow” and added that new protocols will be in place for Thursday’s game. This way, they can put the new protocols into place before the game tomorrow night.

If a player is found to have “gross motor instabilities”, they will be prohibited from returning to the field.

Sources claim that the new goal is to have any gross motor instability removed from the field. The source stated that if a player falls and is unable to get up due to injury, the new goal is to have them removed from the field.

Sources indicated that lawyers for the league as well as the players association were in discussions about gross motor instability.

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