LeBron James Wore a $28,000 Louis Vuitton Fit to Celebrate His New LV Campaign

Last night, a few hours before the Lakers’ opening night matchup against the Nuggets, LeBron James entered Denver’s Ball Arena looking like he’d sauntered straight off the runway of the year’s hottest fashion show. The 21(!)-year vet was dripped out in nearly $30,000 worth of yet-to-be-released gear from Pharrell’s paradigm-shifting debut collection for Louis Vuitton Men’s, including a collarless “Damoflage” jacket and a sumptuous money-green Speedy bag. The tunnel fit turned out to be a precursor to some major news: Shortly after the game, Bron took to Instagram to announce himself as the second-ever LV campaign star of the Pharrell era.

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When you launch your first campaign with Rihanna as its face, you need to go equally big with the follow-up—and it’s hard to think of anyone bigger than LeBron James, one of the most stylish and famous men on the planet, the rare athlete who really does transcend his sport. And it’s perfectly in keeping with the strategy Pharrell has employed thus far, pulling in the starriest stars in his orbit (Jay-Z performing at the fashion show! Clipse reuniting on the runway!) to maximize his megabrand’s reach.

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