Mood Board: A Boy’s Bedroom in Forest Green

I’ve always wanted to design a little boy’s bedroom. I have no brothers…in fact, my parents were sure they were having a boy after four girls, and no. We got my little sister Andrea instead of a Billy. (We love her though 😉 And I have three girls of my own now. I did get my feet wet with designing Freddy’s bedroom recently, and it really got me excited to dabble in creating another mood board. So I designed this room with traditional, modern, and whimsical touches that a little boy could grow up in.

Laying the Foundation

I started with the big “wow” factors. The centerpiece is our handsome turned-wood bed we recently launched in our Pottery Barn collection. Then I layered on a fun, modern geometric rug from our Loloi collection and finished the walls with classic wainscoting and a textured celestial-inspired wallpaper.

Furniture Staples

I’m always drawn to moody greens — they give that historic quality to any room. And I love the traditional lines on this dresser and nightstand: they feel timeless, so he can have them for years to come. To create contrast, I add a more modern piece in the overstuffed chair, which looks like the perfect hangout spot.

Wall Decor

Now I’m layering in some more texture and color with copper shelves, chambray blue drapes, and a modern sconce that really pops against the cooler tones. The whimsical elements come in with the Babar-style plushie, name pennant, and line-drawn artwork that echoes the blue in the curtains.

Finishing Touches

Finally, it’s time for the bedding and some baskets to finish out the room. I started with a moss green striped sheet set topped with a mustard-toned windowpane quilt to bring in two different patterns for contrast. The blue Dinah pillow from our Spring Loloi collection is the perfect complementary color against the quilt. Finally, I added these fun wicker baskets that feel unexpected, but give that nod to childhood.

There you have it! I love how this came together — it was really fun to design. Let us know in the comments what type of mood board you want to see next!

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