On the Road With Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Who Saves His Biggest Fits for His Favorite Cities

His basketball and clothing exploits have taken him to places like Madrid and the Met Gala, but also less vibrant pit stops on the NBA calendar like the Little Caesars Arena. (That’s in Detroit.) Before he embarks on year six on Wednesday against the Bulls, the NBA’s most stylish man shared some travel insight.

What are the things you absolutely have to bring when you’re packing for a road trip?

I have to bring headphones, toiletry bag—I have a little bit of skin care stuff for when I get haircuts so there’s no razor bumps, lotion, chapstick, toothbrush, toothpaste, I do have some floss in there. I actually floss! And then my durag to sleep in and keep my hair clean. What else? Snacks! Whether it be candy, fruit, that’s the stuff I have to bring on the road.

What are your favorite candies?

Skittles, Starburst, and anything sour really. I’m a big time sour guy.

If you forget that stuff, does it derail the whole trip?

It’s so important that I don’t ever forget it! I have a checklist before I leave the house.

Yeah—for the outfit I’m going to wear to the next game, I take it out and steam it so it’s not wrinkly. But everything else I pretty much keep inside the bag.

I have a logistical question about the gameday fit. The one you wear to the game that gets photographed in the tunnel—that just chills in your locker during the game, and then that’s the same fit you wear postgame? Or are you bringing two outfits?

It’s the same outfit you wear postgame.

So when you’re planning fits for a road trip, is it ever based on the weather forecast in those cities? Like, are you going tactical, or is it just whatever you look good in?

Most of the time it’s tactical. There’s a few things: the weather, the moment—like the significance of the game and the media attention it’s going to get—it could also be the vibe in the city. If it’s a louder city, like an outside city, the fits are usually a little bit more exciting. So yeah, it’s really the weather and the cities.

A Wednesday game in Utah gets a different fit than a Saturday game in New York.


Do you have a favorite tunnel fit from your career?

One of my favorites is the Canadian tuxedo, cowboy boots, and like a cowboy belt that I wore to the first play-in game last year against New Orleans.

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