Oura Ring Launches on Amazon

Finnish smart ring brand Oura is partnering with Amazon.

On Mar. 7, the 11-year-old wearable tech unicorn opened its Amazon shop, allowing U.S. customers to order the health-tracking rings with free delivery for Amazon Prime members. Amazon is the brand’s third retail partner in the U.S. after Best Buy and Therabody. Customers can order all Oura ring finishes as well as chargers and sizing kits through the e-commerce platform for the same price as the brand’s DTC site.

“Millions of people shop in Amazon stores every day and we know that many of them search for Oura Ring, looking to purchase from their preferred retailer,” said Oura CMO Doug Sweeny.

Worn by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Prince Harry, the ring tracks sleep and stress; its appeal has stretched across sectors, in 2022, it launched a $950 collaboration ring with Gucci.

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Oura Launches Gucci Smart Ring

It’s the latest effort from the wearable tech company to make its product resonate with fashion-conscious consumers.

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