Paul Mescal Is the King of Internet Boyfriend Style

It happened again this week, with a new photo of Mescal in London wearing his tried-and-true black O’Neills workout shorts. This time, he paired them with an Aimé Leon Dore-branded Mets cap, well-worn Adidas Gazelles, and a merch hoodie repping the beloved bedroom-pop star Clairo. As such, the $70 “Clairo Dog Hoodie” is now sold out on the artist’s website. (This garment introduces another point of intrigue here, which is that Mescal previously dated indie superstar Phoebe Bridgers, with whom Clairo shares a musical milieu.) The sweatshirt features an illustration of a fluffy bichon frisé wearing over-ear headphones; Mescal himself was wearing headphones, too, of the “hot girl” wired variety.

By the sum of its parts, Mescal’s very normal outfit is a masterclass in the art of the sluttiest thing a man can do, insofar as wearing an amalgam of internet winks (horny athleisure, indie-pop merch, divisively commonplace footwear and/or personal audio equipment) will induce a lot of online tongue-wagging. “Teardrop quads out with the Clairo hoodie,” GQ columnist Chris Black wrote alongside a photo of the actor. “This man is a pro.” (Meanwhile, GQ’s senior web producer and resident thighmaster Gabe Conte chimed in with a personal peccadillo: “I look like this btw.”) Though not everyone can be Paul Mescal, anyone can dress like an internet boyfriend. Even you.

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