Paul Mescal Is the Undisputed Champ of Freaky, Cropped Gymwear

Paul Mescal is exceptionally good at wearing regular clothing. While it is increasingly an aspect of a professional actor’s job to look great on a red carpet, Mescal arguably looks even better when he heads to the gym (in a hoodie and tiny sporty shorts) or goes for a walk around the city (in a niche workwear vest and Adidas trainers). It is an elusive skill to still look like a star while dressed like a normal person, doing normal-person things.

For some, Paul Mescal’s weeknight routine might look familiar. On Thursday evening, the Irish actor hit the gym in Manhattan and then picked up post-session dinner from the salad chain Sweetgreen. He did so while wearing an ostensibly standard dust fit: hoodie, baseball cap, some green trainers, and a pair of his favorite quad-skimming athletic shorts featuring the logo of his former Gaelic football team, Kildare GAA.

As always, the devil’s in the details—and Mescal’s outfit details are especially freaky. Both his hoodie and the T-shirt underneath appear to have been hand-cropped, each one snipped to hover just above his belly-button. Paul Mescal is an established crop-top god, but cropping the sweatshirt and the tee? Next-level twisted. (As one of my colleagues joked: Did this photo of Mescal just bring back the happy trail?) His headphones, as per usual, are of the “hot girl” wired variety. And, uncannily, his green Adidas training shoes match his Sweetgreen takeout bag almost perfectly.

As the children’s-book adage goes, if you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk—and if you give the people a photo of Paul Mescal buying food from Sweetgreen, they’re going to wonder what he ordered. Alas, we may have some intel from a TikTok user named Spencer Thomas, who encountered Mescal at a Manhattan Sweetgreen in early February.

Per the comments, “he got the pesto bowl 😘.”


In the market to coordinate your gym shoes with your sad desk lunch? You can match Mescal in these.

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