ScentBloom Duo, Cosmo Fragrances' new sustainable home fragrance solution

Unveiled at the in-cosmetics Global trade show in Paris, the patent pending ScentBloom Duo technology promises an efficient, safe and eco-friendly diffusion of home fragrances.

The ready-to-use solution that combines bio-based and 100% biodegradable sticks with a 100% biodegradable liquid blend.

In today’s air care market, consumers are increasingly seeking transparency, favoring products with natural, safer ingredients with shorter composition lists. There is a growing demand for products that have a reduced environmental impact and are free from potentially harmful chemicals. For air care users, safety and eco-friendly products combined with long-lasting performances are paramount,” says Thomas Delmas, Director of the Technology Division at Cosmo International Fragrances.

According to Cosmo International Fragrances, the ScentBloom Duo technology boosts product performance, increases long-lastingness and offers stable-colored products while reaching the same fragrance intensity as ethanol-based products.

Our already existing ScentBloom biodegradable liquid blend technology, formulated to reduce or even eliminate pictograms, meets stringent safety standards while maintaining efficacy. By mixing our ScentBloom expertise with our innovative sticks, we obtained ScentBloom Duo, an exclusive and full-green solution for reed diffusers. In addition, our technology fits all markets and complies with strict regulations, particularly Prop 65 in the United States,” explains Fiona Guas, Technology Marketing Manager at Cosmo International Fragrances.

More details about new active ingredients are available in our special issue “Cosmetic Ingredients – April 2024”


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