The Softest, Plush Blankets of All Time: Chris Loves Julia x Lola

A year ago, we embarked on a mission to test some of the coziest and softest plush blankets. Well, we throned our winner, and one year later, we’re happy to announce a limited product collaboration with them — Introducing the Chris Loves Julia x Lola collection! Use code CLJ35 for 35% off your order.

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We’re offering these plush blankets in two CLJ signature colors: Lakefront and Raisin. Lakefront boasts a beautiful blue-gray hue, reminiscent of the paint color we’ve previously used in our study and closet. And Raisin reminds me of my chocolatey, velvet bedroom with a tint of red. You really can’t go wrong with either.

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Raisin | Lakefront

Fair warning: these blankets might turn you into a little couch potato because you’re never going to want to get up ever again. This is undoubtedly the most luxurious blanket on the market. Its bunchy, bubbly, and bouncy nature is something you’ll fall in love with at first touch.


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These are the ideal blankets for movie night snuggles and cozying up by the fire. And while they rank high in snuggability, they will also look so attractive on display. So go ahead and throw them over the sofa or toss them in a blanket basket.


Available in baby, medium, and large sizes, they’re the perfect gifts for anyone in your life this upcoming Holiday season (but not before you snag one for yourself). We’re really hoping everyone has a chance to gift (or get) a blanket for the upcoming Holiday season, but there’s a chance they might sell out. So run, don’t walk!


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Which colorway do you have your eyes set on?

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