Travis Maximus

What are the things that the core fans get that maybe other people don’t get?

“They understand what I’m out to do, you know what I mean? Like, what Travis is here to do: here to push things forward. I’m always here to like just literally push things forward—every aspect of this shit: music, creativity, all this. Without having to be redundant with saying it. I just want to show, you know.”

Why do you think you make music?

“Man, because I have a lot of emotion I want to output, you know. And I can feel for other people in a sense of things that’s relatable. And sometimes you become that representative of a flock of people. It’s like, through the lyrics, it’s like, Ah, yeah, we feel the same way.” Famously, the person Scott always felt this way himself about is Kid Cudi. “The shit he was saying, man, it’s crazy,” Scott reflects. “You would have thought this dude was, like, your brother, and then he would say in the next lyric, like, ‘I’m your big brother.’ You’d be like, What the fuck! It’s only a handful of artists that get you that feeling, right? That real shit that you feel: like, Damn, this dude went to my high school. Am I related to this guy?”

A few moments later, I’m asking Scott where he lives now, a question he first answers by saying “I live on the road,” then modifies by adding “out west…my babies” before breaking into song. “My babies!” he croons. “Where my babies is!” This seems to remind him of something. “She wants me to call her,” he says to himself, and dials his phone. His daughter Stormi’s face soon fills the screen.

“Oh, you getting your hair braided?” he asks.

“Yeah!” says Stormi.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” says Scott, who in seconds has morphed into achingly sweet father mode. “You getting your hair braided, huh? You get way more braids than Dada! You want to see the stage real quick?”

“Yeah!” exclaims Stormi. I follow the real Scott and the virtual Stormi down the corridor, and out into the arena. (“She got to approve the set,” he tells me.)

“So I’m gonna show you this, it looks so crazy, girl,” Scott says to Stormi. “So crazy! It’s so big.” He points the phone’s camera at the stage. “It’s so crazy, right?

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