Unveiling the CLJ x Loloi Rug Spring Collection

It’s the final stretch before spring arrives — when winter just feels like it lasts forever — so it’s the perfect time for a pick-me-up. We’re so excited to be unveiling the CLJ x Loloi Rug Spring Collection!

Polly Smoke/Sand | Bedroom Sources

Featuring 26 new designs and fresh colorways of fan-favorite rugs. These new collections will work for so many spaces in your home (as they have in ours!). They mix-and-match with rugs we’ve launched previously so you can tie rooms together with these cozy pieces. Whether you want to soften the look of your formal dining room or add a pop of fun to a playroom, you’ll love how these cozy pieces rise to the occasion.

We had an amazing reception to the rug launch at Market in Vegas last month. I can’t wait to share some of the stories behind these area rugs (including how Kenny G became inadvertently involved in the launch).

Unveiling the CLJ x Loloi Rug Winter Collection with the Bradley rug in Teal Teal

Bradley Teal/Teal | Bradley Collection | Laundry Room Sources

I named this line after my maiden name and it’s really special to me. They feel like the most classic rugs that can go anywhere. These hand-tufted rugs are 100% wool with a high-low pile for a beautifully textured look. That texture also feels great underfoot — it’s like a foot massage when you walk on one!

Unveiling the CLJ x Loloi Rug Winter Collection with the Briggs rug in Mist Ivory

Briggs Mist/Ivory | Briggs Collection | Dining Room Sources

Named for my long-time friend Meagan Briggs, this one is a throwback to a rug with checks that we had a long time ago. I worked with Loloi to put our own spin on it with the addition of a border, and they loved it so much they wanted to do a whole collection of colors. The name and pattern both tie back to pieces of my past, and that means a lot! This 100% wool rug with hand-tufted weave gives off a two-toned heathered effect that is great for high-traffic areas, since it will mask wear. Just a beautiful modern look.

Unveiling the CLJ x Loloi Rug Winter Collection with the Judy Rug in Natural Ivory

Judy Natural/Ivory | Judy Collection | Polly’s Room Sources

This is a fun little collection with a name that plays on one of its main fibers. This one is going to blow everyone away: it is hand-woven from jute, cotton and other fibers. The jute in the weave gives off a natural effect and sturdy structure, yet it is incredibly soft for jute. The cotton adds just that extra level of comfort too. I’m often asked “Would you really want to wake up to a jute rug in your bedroom?” If it’s one of these ones, yes! I currently have pieces from this collection in our entryway and in Polly’s room. (Tip: They would also make excellent stair runners.)

Unveiling the CLJ x Loloi Rug Winter Collection with the Polly rug in Navy Silver

Polly Navy/Silver | New to the Polly Collection | Bonus Room Sources

Next up, we’re releasing new colorways for the Polly rug collection, named after my daughter. This has been one of our most popular collections and it often sells out, so I wanted to expand on that line. People might think it’s crazy to add a deep-blue colorway to this line, but we don’t shy away from deep, rich colors. Adding this rug to the bonus room makes it my new favorite room in the house (again). What a Nancy Meyers moment to have a blue check rug in a blue-paneled room! It’s just the most inviting shade of denim. These rugs are hand-woven of cotton and jute, and I think of them as an instant classic.

All of the rugs made in India and are GoodWeave-certified, which means they pass high standards for ethical production and supporting weavers’ communities.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for: What does a smooth jazz performer have to do with our CLJ x Loloi rug launch? It’s a funny story.

At Las Vegas World Market, we planned a meet & greet to unveil the CLJ x Loloi Rug Collection. The day before, the event organizers organized a performance with special guest, yes — you guessed it — Kenny G. Somehow, they set his stage right in front of Chris Loves Julia x Loloi collection, so the entire performance was in front of our new line of rugs. He actually kept remarking on our collections! So it feels like he was our “unofficial” celebrity endorsement for this spring launch. Childhood dream, realized.

I hope you love these new collections as much as I do! Let me know which ones you have your eye on.

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