What we know about the Kansas City shooting, plus Caitlin Clark’s big night


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Good morning. First, some sad news.

Serious Matters: Kansas City catastrophe

Yesterday was supposed to be a day of merriment in Kansas City as Chiefs fans flocked to the team’s Super Bowl parade. It morphed into tragedy. 

One person was killed and at least 22 people were shot near the end of the parade, said police, who have detained three people in connection with the investigation. What we know: 

  • A beloved local DJ, Lisa Lopez-Galvan, died in the shooting. At least 11 children were among the victims. None of them were listed in critical condition.
  • The shooting occurred 30 minutes after the post-parade rally wrapped up. No Chiefs players or team officials were injured.
  • No motive for the shooting is known yet. 

Our news file on the situation will be updated as we know more. I thought Steve Buckley’s column on the sad day was poignant and worth a read.

Records: Tonight is the night

Caitlin Clark’s lowest point total in a single game this year is 21, posted in a 100-62 blowout win over Florida Gulf Coast University in which Clark played just 26 minutes. Tonight, she enters the Hawkeyes’ game against Michigan just eight points shy of breaking the NCAA women’s basketball career scoring record. In other words: It’s extremely likely happening tonight

This is a moment. The season isn’t over — more on that below — but no matter how the Hawkeyes finish this year, this game should be one of the most important in the sport’s history. 

Such stakes mean I need better context. The Athletic’s Chantel Jennings thankfully provided some: 

I want to focus on the present for one second: Is this Iowa team better than last year’s group that came a game away from winning the national title?
Chantel: Last year’s group relied upon Clark as the No. 1 option and forward Monika Czinano (who famously rarely put the ball on the floor) as the No. 2. With those two scoring more than half of Iowa’s points, the other players only needed to contribute so much offensively. This year, it’s more Clark-and-committee as Iowa relies on more of a scoring balance from the other four starters.

To zoom out: After she breaks the record, where does Clark rank among the all-time greats?
Chantel: She’s one of the most prolific offensive weapons we’ve ever seen in college hoops — the first women’s player to total 3,000-plus points and 1,000-plus assists. She certainly belongs in the conversation with the other greats — Maya Moore (went 150-4 at UConn), Cheryl Miller (put USC on the map and won three Naismith Awards), Breanna Stewart (won four national titles), among others — but those three all have something Clark doesn’t have (yet) … a national title (or, for that trio specifically, multiple national titles).

This moment in women’s basketball seems so unique to me. It’s not hyperbole to say Clark, Angel Reese and others are more well-known than any men’s college basketball player right now. Can you think of a similar time?
Chantel: Too often in previous seasons, women’s players didn’t get recognized on a national platform until March rolled around. The difference now is that the exposure is season-long (and year-round) with NIL, there are more games being broadcast on major networks and there’s a more consistent media presence.

News to Know

LeBron on the move?
Yes, our reporters confirmed an ESPN report that the Warriors did try to acquire the actual LeBron James at the trade deadline, which is just a bonkers notion to consider. And moving forward, there could be real legs to the notion of James leaving this offseason, though he has yet to state anything close to publicly about it. The Warriors dream of maximizing Steph Curry’s narrowing title window. James wants to play with his son, currently a freshman on USC’s team. The possibilities are wild … and it all started with a tweet. 

Related: Please watch the shot Curry hit before last night’s loss to the Clippers.

Jersey controversy?
Pitchers and catchers reported to MLB training camps this week, and all anyone can talk about is fashion — Nike’s new standard uniform, that is, which is drawing, uh, poor reviews. Among the accusations: the jerseys are uncustomizable, feel cheap and look bad. Five stars! I do think the proportions for numbers and names look off. Might need a ruling on this one tomorrow.

Stewart punches Eubanks
Pistons forward Isaiah Stewart punched Suns forward Drew Eubanks before the teams’ game last night, sources confirmed to The Athletic. The two were seen arguing in the tunnels, which ended in Stewart striking Eubanks in the lip. Drama. Stewart wasn’t even playing in the game, either. See all the details here. Stewart notably sparred with LeBron back in 2021.

More news

Feedback Loop: That was close

Flats vs. drums

I did not forget about our poll from last week, despite a bead-induced haze during my absence. I was relieved to see the above results when I opened my laptop. Two thoughts: 

  • I received plenty of reader feedback on this, largely from a classic cohort that simply cannot choose between two beloved children/wings. I don’t apologize for making you choose between binary options, but I do respect the unflinching wing lovers among us.
  • I come with a more scientific backing of my flat-supremacy position, too: While drums generally have a little more meat, the flat contains more dark meat, which has more flavor than the lighter meat of the drum. The flat’s surface also gives way to a better sauce/dry-rub coating. It’s just a cleaner eat, too, with no gristle and cartilage mucking up your time, unlike the drum. Just learn how to eat a flat properly (like BD Wong) and we can all align. 

As always, thanks for voting.

Watch This Game

NCAAW: Michigan at No. 4 Iowa
8 p.m. ET on Peacock

NBA: Bucks at Grizzlies
8:30 p.m. ET on TNT
Milwaukee warrants at least one watch per week because they might be the most important team in the NBA right now. Anything short of a Finals trip is a failure (despite Giannis’ speech last year), even with a coach change midway through the season. Pressure, pressure, pressure.

Pulse Picks

James Boyd did a great job capturing Shane Steichen, the obsessive coach who has been known to trash talk, shimmy and deke his way to wins. He’s the reason Indianapolis saw such a turnaround last season. Read this story and try to tell me the Colts aren’t a sleeper AFC pick next year.  

Big, interesting story just published: Why China turned on Lionel Messi. We may have more on this tomorrow. 

Thoroughly enjoyed this: Sean McIndoe listed 20 of the NHL’s unwritten rules and ranked them by how ridiculous they are. Don’t you dare touch that conference championship trophy. 

Another one of my hockey favorites every year: 2024 goalie mask power rankings. There are pets, cartoon characters and even Will Ferrell.

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